About Us


What is CombatCon?

When we say that CombatCon™ is like no other event in the world, that’s not just hyperbole. We sincerely mean it, and we know that the thousands of participants who’ve joined us in the past would agree. The trouble is, how do we succinctly describe who we are and what the convention is all about? That’s been a challenge for us from day one because, quite frankly, we defy the norm for both martial arts conventions AND fan/pop culture conventions. We’re a different animal, and the differences are tough to explain to folks who’ve never attended. Hopefully, the following Q and A sections will help tell the story of why we’re so unique…and why that uniqueness makes us so fantastic!


Q: Sure, sure…but really, what is CombatCon?

A: Specifically, CombatCon™ is an event dedicated to introducing the world to Western Martial Arts (WMA) and Historic European Martial Arts (HEMA). We do this by teaching people about WMA/HEMA through hands-on classes, panels and presentations, and demonstrations and tournaments. Our instructors and special guests are world class martial artists, renowned stage combat choreographers, Hollywood stunt coordinators and stunt professionals, famous weapons makers, leading academics and researchers, published authors, champion tournament fighters, tactical combat consultants for films and television, and police and military professionals. Coming from all over the United States and internationally, our staff has centuries worth of the knowledge and experience to share.


Q: Wait…what is WMA/HEMA?

A: WMA (Western Martial Arts) and HEMA (Historic European Martial Arts) are the indigenous martial arts of Europe and the West. These broad terms include everything from ancient Greek and Roman combat, to medieval and Renaissance fighting, to Victorian self-defense, to modern tactical combat and personal protection systems. There are thousands of years of systems, styles, methods, and weapons that fall under the umbrella of WMA and HEMA, and CombatCon™ is the only event in the world where you’ll find so much diversity under one roof.


Q: Right…so you’re a martial arts convention, then?

A: Yes, but we’re so much more. Knowing about WMA/HEMA is only one part of the equation. We also want to share that with the world through quality stage and screen combat. Some of Hollywood’s top stunt coordinators and stunt professionals are part of our instructor corps, as are several world-class stage combat fight directors. These folks are working hard to bring WMA/HEMA to the stage and screen, and show the world what amazing fighting the Western World really has to offer. Additionally, actors and stunt professionals will receive training at CombatCon™ that they simply can’t get anywhere else. For many in the industry, the convention is truly a life-changing event.


Q: OK, so you have the movies, TV, and plays…anything else?

A: Yes! This year we’ve created a special Writer’s Track. We have several published authors in our ranks, and our goal with is to provide a unique opportunity for writers to learn about WMA/HEMA, handle weapons and armor, enrich their fight scenes and combative characters, talk to martial artists about what works and what doesn’t, and see their fights scenes performed by stage combat professionals. The track will also include valuable information about the industry, such as how to get your work published.


Q: It sounds like this convention is only for people serious about WMA/HEMA, and for professionals…is that true?

A: Actually, our goal is to welcome anyone who loves (or even just likes) the martial arts of the West. Cosplayers, Steampunks, LARPers, anyone who fantasizes about being a knight, or a Musketeer, or a pirate — anyone with a little romance in their soul…these are the folks for whom CombatCon™ was created. There’s so much to do and see at the event, and dreamers of all ages are welcome.


Q: You say there’s a lot to do at CombatCon…but what is that, exactly?

A: That is a question best answered HERE.


Q: Do you have a mission statement?

A: Yup. Our Mission is to increase awareness and understanding of WMA and HEMA by:

  1. Providing an international event where quality WMA/HEMA are showcased through interactive instruction and demonstration.
  2. Establishing a safe, welcoming, inclusive environment in which to train, learn, exchange ideas, and have fun.
  3. Celebrating and exploring the relationship between WMA/HEMA and Popular Culture by engaging a wide range of people with diverse viewpoints through educational and entertaining activities.


Q: Who runs CombatCon?

A: CombatCon™ is organized by an entirely volunteer team, led by the President, Vice-President/Director of Programming, and Director of Operations. CombatCon™ is an LLC, and our name is Trademark Pending.


Q: Can children come to CombatCon?

A: Of course!  Children 12 and under are admitted FREE with paid adult registration. Children younger than 13 must be accompanied by an adult (18 and over) at all times, and may not participate in martial arts classes or martial arts competitions. They may, however, participate in the Costume Contest.

While children 13-18 can participate in classes and competitions, their waiver must be signed by the parents who understand the risks inherent with participation.