So you wanna know if you’ll have a good time at CombatCon?

Well you won’t; You’ll have an amazing time! But why take our word for it…


A Men’s Health article about CombatCon 2015’s Fight Like A Superhero (Theatrical Combat) Class


An amazing blog post from Jordan Hinckley about CombatCon 2014. Every HEMA practitioner should read this!


An account of how CombatCon has changed Chad Light’s life.


So CombatCon was possibly the greatest con I have ever attended. I’m glad I got in on the ground floor, and I can’t wait for the next one. Thanks to all the teachers who made it an amazing experience.
Gary Ledford


New favorite Zombie Team from tonight’s FB first five: Chewy (Marshall Moore), Jeff Koenig, Marc Moser, Bellz Jordan, and the entire CombatCon. I’m set, we’ll be well armed, fabulous, sound great and will be able to MacGuyver everything we need on-site…
Mel Turner


SO much fun and lots of new stuff learned!!! Thank you CombatCon!! I will be there next year!!!!!!! WOW! I still cannot believe how much fun it was and how much I learned!!!! I’m hooked!!! See you next year!!!!! XOXO
Torey Mastracci


likes that Revenge of the Sith is on TV. Now I can see all the choreography that I learned from the Jedi classes at CombatCon!
Michael Fairbanks


Thanks for the event. I learned more in 2 days than 6 months…
Camden Jansen


Thanks to Bruce for diligently making sure the vendors were taken care of. The mixing of the groups worked better than I expected it to…
Stacia Deering


‎Bruises, Bedlam and Bloodlust; CombatCon was FANtastic!
Allen Johnson


‎CombatCon was amazing. Amazing people, and an amazing learning experience. I cannot speak highly enough of the instructors, not just as teachers, but as people. I feel more alive than I have for a long time. Exhausted, but excited and alive.
Julianna Ui Niall


‎CombatCon was so much fun! That’s my poem for the day. But seriously, those of you who didn’t make it this year, start saving up your money and polishing your steel. You will have a blast! If not I’ll have to beat you with a stick. By far one of the best events I’ve been to in a long time.
Oksana Marafioti


‎CombatCon was a blast; in addition to all the usual suspects, it was particularly nice to chat and fence with Tom Rockwell and the other classical fencers from all over the country.
Joe Angiulo


Bravi, people! Wonderful event! We had a great time this weekend because YOU put in some really hard work to make it happen! Thank you so much for all your efforts! There’s nothing like the chance to spend time with one’s Tribe.
Mary De Longis


to our gracious hosts:Thank you for this Event! I spoke to and was taught by people I had only heard stories about, It was a privilege and an honor to attend and I await next year
Dan Thompson


OH MY GOD!!! I was just in a wedding in Vegas! Only at CombatCon…. So random!
Tim Ruzicki