What To Do



CombatCon™ — Unlike any other convention in the World!

If you’ve never been to CombatCon™ before, you may be a little uncertain about what to expect.  After all, where else can you learn combat skills from ancient time to the modern era, watch talented fighters compete for glory, purchase hand-crafted weapons, and dance the night away in colorful cosplay? Here are some of the activities CombatCon™ offers:

Over 200 Hours of Classes for all skill levels!

Our international corps of master instructors offer nearly 125 classes throughout the event. Don’t worry if you have never picked up a weapon before, there is a class for you! Below are just some of our classes. We hope you will leave CombatCon™ tired, probably a little sore, and completely stuffed full of knowledge that you didn’t have three days earlier.

Martial Arts

  • Rapier and Dagger
  • Italian Longsword
  • Knife Throwing
  • Bare Knuckle Pugilism
  • Bowie Knife and Tomahawk Fighting
  • Bullwhip
  • Shield and Spear

Stage and Stunt Combat

  • Introduction to Stage Swordplay
  • Fitness in the Stunt Business
  • One Take Fight Scenes
  • Stunt Rolling and Falling

Personal Protection

  • The Art of Accord: When Fighting Just Won’t Work
  • Women and Personal Protection
  • The Flashlight for Personal Protection
  • Personal Violence: Self-Defense and the Law

Tactical Combat

  • The Modern Special Operations Tomahawk
  • Elite Hand to Hand Combatives
  • Weaver and The Gunfighter: Rifle and Handgun
  • Algorithm for a Gunfight: Scenario-Based Dry Fire Training


HEMA Tournaments

CombatCon™ is one of the largest HEMA (Historic European Martial Arts) tournament events in the world.  We offer the opportunity to participate in all manner of tournaments, including:

  • Open Steel Longsword
  • Tier One: Champions of HEMA Longsword
  • Women’s Longsword
  • Synthetic Longsword
  • SGT Blades Sword and Buckler
  • Rapier
  • Singlestick
  • Advanced Cutting
  • Beginner’s Cutting
  • Women’s Cutting

Our HEMA Tournament Room will feature multiple rings, a staging area for fighters, and plenty of room for the audience.

TSL Saber Tri-Tournament

CombatCon™ is excited to host The Saber Legion’s  third annual saber tournament, TSL III. The Saber Legion, or TSL, is an international saber combat organization that specializes in dueling with the iconic saber from everyone’s favorite sci fi universe. TSL looks forward to seeing members in the ring and to becoming a part of the CombatCon community. Gear up, play safe and have fun, United Through Sabers!


Free Fencing

CombatCon™ is pleased to provide dedicated space for free fencing all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Free Fencing will be in Scenic Ballroom all weekend so just go through the HEMA tournament room to get to the space.



Experience Hall

The CombatCon™ Experience will be located in the El Dorado Ballroom and Foyer. As you stroll through this free, open-access, all-ages hall of wonders you will find:

  • Vendors selling all manner of goods and services, from hand crafted weapons (such as swords, knives, and whips) to jewelry and cool Steampunk gear.
  • The Demonstration Ring, where instructors and guests demonstrate everything from electric Shocknife to Aztec Macuahuitl to Longsword to Tomahawk and Bowie Knife.
  • A multitude of Interactive Thematic Activities hosted (with accompanying decor) by various combat-enthused groups, giving you the chance to:
    – handle historical replicas of swords and try on armor that would have been worn by actual knights of a bygone age
    – listen to music and try your hand at a game of jugger in the Wasteland Weekend area
    – take part in a Highlander Game in the LARP area
    – swing a lightsaber with the 501st
    – more still to come!!
  • Experience the Knight Life!! Join Davenriche European Martial Artes School from Santa Clara, CA. Try out sword fighting and try on some armour. See what the movies and video games got wrong and right. Remember, what happens in the Knight Life of Vegas … should be tweeted and FaceBooked right away!
  • Mario Baleywah, Game-Master will be offering several opportunities to play.


Panels and Presentations

Our programming goes well beyond physical classes.  We also offer a multitude of panels, presentations, and academic classes covering all aspects of combat in popular culture.  Some of the topics include:

  • What it takes to work in the stunt industry in Hollywood
  • How to write a believable fight
  • Mastery of Horse and Steel: Fighting from Horseback
  • Designing costumes for warriors
  • Bartitsu: The long lost art of Sherlock Holmes himself
  • Sword and knife making
  • The future of HEMA
  • Women in Combat: Women martial artists and stunt professionals


Writer’s Track

Our 4th annual Writers Track Features academic classes, panels and presentations, hands-on martial arts classes, where authors (and anyone curious to learn) can handle real weapons and armor, talk with practicing martial artists, and watch their fights turned into reality by professional stage and stunt fighters.


After Hours Fun!

The fun keeps going long after the Expo Hall closes and classes wrap up.  Some of our exciting after hours activities include: