CombatCon Intensives

CombatCon is excited to continue the CombatCon Intensives!  The Intensives are focused, two-day and three-day offerings that combine physical training classes with academic panels and presentations.  Each Intensive is centered around a common theme to give participants an in-depth, immersive experience.  All classes, panels, and presentations in the Intensives are open to any participant at the correct pass level.  Additionally, attendees do not need to take all sessions within an Intensive — they may choose the programming that interests them, and can even attend sessions across different Intensives.  For the most immersive experience, however, there will be thematic programming to occupy a participant’s time all day long.

2018 Intensives will be listed soon, but to give you an idea of these, the 2017 Intensives are listed below:

  • Filming Fights for the Indie Film
  • Personal Protection and Modern Defense
  • Welcome to Hollywood: Stunts and Screen Fighting
  • Writers Track