KÀ by Cirque Events

Cirque du Soleil Shares the Amazing Story Behind KÀ
Monday July 11th 1pm


Known for bringing wonder and delight to millions of spectators across the globe, Cirque du Soleil welcomes CombatCon Participants to get an inside look at KÀ as it reveals the astounding history, background and science behind one of the most fascinating theatrical venues in Las Vegas. This free open house highlights the impressive work, inspiration and unprecedented technology used in this $165 million production.

You will have the opportunity for a Q&A with select cast & crew from the show as well as the rare and unique opportunity to ride the stage lifts to the basement of the KÀ Theatre at the end of this experience!

This exclusive open house will take place at the KÀ Theatre inside MGM Grand at 1pm on Monday July 11th on for CombatCon Participants. Sign up will be at the event but mark your calendar now!

Ever Wondered what it takes to work for Cirque du Soleil?


You won’t want to miss this panel with the Head of Casting on Saturday the 9th, from 2-3pm.

Wanna work for Cirque du Soleil?

Have you ever wondered what goes in to working on a Cirque du Soleil show? Meet the Head of Casting, Julien Panel to hear all about what they are looking for in performers. There will be time to ask questions throughout the session.

There will also be a table in the Expo Hall with lots of information about working for the show!