2018 Schedule


Are you dying to find out what will be happening at CombatCon 2018? Well so are we. The CombatCon crew is working hard to get the programming online as soon we get it. If you’ve never been to CombatCon, the schedule will be online in two ways. Please view the 2018 schedule below:

Approximately 80% of  our panels and classes are uploaded with descriptions in the

2018 Schedule Filter

Currently they are not assigned, so all say midnight Aug 1st as a placeholder. Soon you will be able to filter the program by Track, by Location, and by Day.


Want to get an idea of the layout in spreadsheet form? You can get a sense of all the things that will be available from the 2018 Grid View.

2018 Grid View 

As classes are scheduled they will be added to the rooms on this spreadsheet.