Over 200 Hours of Classes for all skill levels!

Our international corps of master instructors offer nearly 125 classes throughout the event. Don’t worry if you have never picked up a weapon before, there is a class for you! Below are just some of our classes. We hope you will leave CombatCon tired, probably a little sore, and completely stuffed full of knowledge that you didn’t have three days earlier.

Martial Arts

  • Viking Combat
  • Polish Saber
  • Conch Shell Boxing
  • Italian Cane
  • New Orleans Dueling Bowie Knife
  • Historical Native American Tomahawk and Knife Fighting
  • Bullwhip
  • German Longsword vs. Japanese Katana

Stage and Stunt Combat

  • Acro Tricks for Stage Combat
  • Intro to Motion Capture
  • Fighting for Film
  • Stunt Rolls and Falls
  • Intro to Handguns for Actors

Personal Protection

  • The Coolest Disarms Known to Man
  • Muay Thai for the Street
  • Akido- The Most Misunderstood Martial Art
  • Defending Against Knife & Dagger
  • Whip Self-Defense and Strategy and Tactics

Tactical Combat

  • Elite Hand to Hand Combatives
  • Firearms: Linear Room Clearing Technique
  • Urban Combatives
  • Algorithm for a Gunfight: Scenario-Based Dry Fire Training

Panels and Presentations

Learning at CombatCon goes well beyond physical classes.  We also offer a multitude of panels, presentations, and academic classes covering all aspects of combat in popular culture.  Some of the topics include:

  • How to manage a violent attack
  • HEMA history
  • Everything you wanted to know about the warhorse
  • Interpreting Medieval manuscipts
  • The art of whip making
  • Meditation for HEMA
  • Why fighters need to know about motion capture

Writer’s Track

Our 5th annual Writers Track Features academic classes, panels and presentations, hands-on martial arts classes, where authors (and anyone curious to learn) can handle real weapons and armor, talk with practicing martial artists, and watch their fights turned into reality by professional stage and stunt fighters.