“From Page to Stage” Contest


Contest and Presentation

Our guest authors will discuss the many aspects of writing military/combat fiction,from Contemporary to Science Fiction, from character development to blood and gore topics.
Meet and talk to our guest authors face-to-face at our Author’s Alley.

But our BIGGEST author event will be “FROM PAGE TO STAGE” happening on Sunday.

How to Enter the Contest

Attendees submit their favorite fight scene, and the WINNER will have the scene choreographed and performed by stunt professionals. The scene will be broken down and critiqued by the panel of authors and fight coordinators. The winner can ask questions and be shown ways to make the scene work, physically and literally.

Requirements for contest entry:

  1. Must be registered and attend CombatCon™ – Writer’s Track at time of entry.
  2. Submit no more than 2 pages (single spaced) from published or unpublished work.
  3. No more than 4 characters in the scene.
  4. Include 1 paragraph bio, per character, describing characters physical and personality attributes.
  5. Weapons are allowed for the characters this year.
  6. A sense of humor and a thick skin. All authors require both.
  7. Submit a word doc with scene and bios, and information on author to: writers@combatcon.com
  8. Deadline: July 25th, 2019

Submissions will be judged by a panel of Fight Coordinators.

If you have any questions, contact: writers@combatcon.com and we will get back to you asap.