The CombatCon Experience

“I want to do that!”

That’s how one of our founders felt, as he watched a rapier and dagger demonstration at his first Renaissance Festival. Not only was he immediately hooked, but the idea for the CombatCon Experience was born — a chance for anyone to do something wild, fun, and out of the ordinary. An experience to spark a passion.

This way to the Combatcon Experience!

The CombatCon Experience is a free, open-access, all-ages hall of wonders designed to give you a multitude of interactive thematic activities hosted by various combat-enthused groups. At the Experience, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Try on armor that would have been worn by actual knights
  • Handle historical replicas of swords and other weapons
  • Watch demonstrations of skill, bravery, and bravado with various weapons
  • Hear the crack of expertly wielded whips, or the sizzle of electrifying Shock Knives
  • Plus,
  • Shop for goods and wares from our fabulous Vendors!

Families are welcome, cosplay is encouraged, and good times are expected! 

Details about Children

Please note that due to 2021 Covid policies, this area is only open to participants of the Convention.