Writer’s Track

Do you want to learn how to write action-packed fight scenes? Do you want to write complex, realistic warrior characters? Or build nuanced, fascinating fantasy worlds? Maybe you need some guidance during the daunting process of polishing and publishing your novel. Pick up an Explorer/Writer’s Pass for all of this and more.

Meet Published Authors

A corps of published authors are here to share their insights and answer your questions. Past presenters have included:

  • Professional editor and author Duann Black, representing the late best-selling science-fiction author Alan Black.
  • Bruce Davis, MD: Trauma Surgeon and author of both fiction and nonfiction.
  • Carol Wolf: Playwright, novelist, and blockbuster video-game script writer.
  • Jenna Elizabeth Johnson: award winning author of Fantasy and YA Paranormal Romance.
  • Katie Salidas: You-Tube host and author of Paranormal Distopian thrillers, as well as romance under the penname Rozlyn Sparks.
  • Terry (TL) Smith: Former Air Force specialist and science-fiction author.
  • TJ Boyer: Science-fiction/fantasy author of the Mirror Gate Chronicals Series.

Writer’s Track Panels

Story Craft- World Building Basics:
Understanding the rules and elements of a world in order to create a believable playground for your characters .
The Business of Writing: Making the best seller lists through self-promotion.
Magical Combat: Define the magical physics of your world and incorporate them into action sequences.
What Doesn’t Kill You: What books and movies get wrong on combat wounds. Graphic Content!
The Write Weapon: Choosing the right weapon for your characters.

Attend Panels and Presentations

You’re not limited to writer’s panels. Stop in to listen to experts discuss weapons on horseback, historical research in the digital age, prehistoric warfare, self-defense and the law, and much, much more.

Take Classes

The best way to understand your warrior is to pick up their weapon of choice! You can participate in any two classes during the event. Try out the whip, the tomahawk, the knife, the modern rifle, and any number of sword and unarmed fighting systems.

Watch the Fighters

How does a fighter move? What does armor feel like? How do fighters deal with mismatched weapons? See for yourself, as you watch HEMA practitioners and saber duelists compete for glory in tournaments, or stop by the CombatCon Experience to watch demonstrations all throughout the event. While you are there, stop by the exhibitor’s tables to handle real weapons and armor!  Nothing sparks inspiration like the crack of the whip, the spark of the sword, and the sizzle of the electric knife.


The Explorer/Writer pass includes admission to all social events, including the Cosplay Contest and the Time Traveler’s Ball. Network, make new friends, and have fun while learning more about combat and martial arts than you thought possible. At CombatCon, there is literally an expert around every corner!

“From Page to Stage” Contest

Submit your favorite fight-scene creation for a chance to have your scene choreographed and performed by stunt professionals! Contest Rules and Information.