Challenge 365

Welcome to Challenge 365, a health and wellness challenge designed to motivate the CombatCon community to make overall health and personal wellness a priority! The goal is simple: do at least one thing, every day for a year, that focuses on your health and well-being.

Challenge 365 isn’t a competition. Rather, it’s a way to engage with others in the CombatCon community, cheer each other on, and draw strength and support from one another. We’ll hear from experts, post on social media, and follow each other’s progress as we move towards greater health and deeper wellness. Participants will be asked to periodically check in and record their progress, and will be eligible for prices and rewards along the way.

To REGISTER for the Challenge (and for prizes and rewards), please go HERE.

To CHECK IN on a periodic basis, please go HERE. We recommend checking in weekly, but the when and how often is really up to you!

Areas of focus for the challenge include the following:

MIND (Mental, Emotional, Psychological)

  • Creativity and Mental Stimulation: Do something creative, make something, learn something, read something, think deeply about something
  • Self Image and Self Esteem: Be kind to yourself!
  • Sleep and Rest: Recharge your batteries by getting the right amount of sleep. Maybe take a nap!
  • Social and Community: Engage with your family and friends
  • Spiritual: If faith/religion is important in your life, take time to mindfully engage with it

Body (Physical Fitness and Bodily Health)

  • Balance: Work those small support muscles
  • Endurance and Cardio: Build up your heart health and go the distance
  • Explosive Speed: So important for martial artists!
  • Flexibility: Get your blood flowing, your ligaments loose, your joints strengthened and supported, and reduce the changes of injury
  • Food and Nutrition: Eat right, eat healthy, eat for the long journey
  • Hydration: Drink your water, stay hydrated, stay in the fight!
  • Medical: Get your blood work done, get a check up, talk to your doctor, and make this the year you focus on your overall medical health
  • Strength: We’re not talking becoming Hercules, but strength is important in overall fitness. A strong fighter is a powerful fighter!

However, Challenge 365 shouldn’t be about completely changing your life if you don’t want to. Instead, try to emphasis and embrace the following concepts:

  • Balance: Try to focus on multiple areas of health and wellness, not just a single activity
  • Discipline and Self-Control: You’re the only one who can make yourself do, or not do something, So choose to stay in the fight!
  • Focus: Challenge 365 requires a degree of focus on the journey…and don’t lose sight of your goals!
  • Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance: Even the best fighters in the world have racked up their share of failure. But failure is feedback – it doesn’t define you, it only informs you. Be kind to yourself and accept mistakes and missteps as part of the process
  • Moderation: This ain’t an all-or-nothing kind of thing. You want some chips? Great! Just maybe don’t eat the whole bag. Want to work out? Awesome! Just maybe don’t work out eight hours a day seven days a week. Don’t deprive yourself, but also don’t go overboard.
  • Self-Motivation over External Competition: Don’t make this about competing with others. Make it about being an awesome person and motivating yourself to try to do better every day.

To REGISTER for the Challenge (and for prizes and rewards)prizes and rewards, please go HERE.

To CHECK IN on a periodic basis, please go HERE. We recommend checking in weekly, but the when and how often is really up to you!

And remember to post about your journey on your social media pages! Challenge friends and family, post pics and vids of your activities, and add the #challenge365 and #combatcon hashtags!