CombatCon Tournament of Champions

(Work In Progress)

CombatCon aims to host a community building tournament at the highest level for HEMA participants in order to increase viewership and gain National/International exposure for HEMA. This will be accomplished by inviting the top fighters from large tournament events across the United States. Additionally, by cross-promoting, all events will foster greater publicity and enjoyment of HEMA. 

CombatCon will: 

  • Offer to the top 3 placements in Adv. Longsword tournaments (of no less than 35 registrants) a tournament entry ($30 value) for the Championship at CombatCon*. If one of the top 3 has already qualified at another tournament then 4th place will be offered the spot.
  • The 1st place in Adv. Longsword tournaments (of no less than 35 registrants) a free Tournament Pass ($125 value) to CombatCon*

There are no strings attached and this will be offered to tournaments that would like to include this offering for their event (thus becoming Participating Events). For those that would like to do more and become Partnered Events, there is an opportunity to cross promote.

Partnered Events will: 

  • Promote CombatCon (and particularly HEMA Tournaments) on your website, in your social media as well as in newsletters. 
  • Return sponsorship with CombatCon by providing vouchers to their yearly events, as able. 
  • Work with CombatCon to promote HEMA when and where possible. 
  • CombatCon will Sponsor every partnered event with 1 free Warrior Pass ($250 value) to use as a prize*
  • CombatCon will Promote partnered events on our website and in our social media as well as in newsletters. 
  • CombatCon will Work to assist all partnered events with easing participant registration, event logistics, and tournament support. 

Please note: CombatCon will not be involved in any other organization’s policies, rule sets, handling of outside monies, or the customs of any event or club.  


  • CombatCon will run Longsword only in 2022, eventually adding Rapier, Sword and Buckler, etc.
  • Rule sets for the Championship will be decided by a committee of participating events/clubs and CombatCon Directors. 
  • Create a space for the winners of National (and maybe International) HEMA tournaments to face each other.
  • Foster community in HEMA.

*Tournament entries and vouchers will be valid for the CombatCon event held after that event. If the tournament pass winner already has a pass for CombatCon then this will be null and void (i.e. it is non-transferable).

If your tournament fits the parameters to be a Participating Event (or you’d like to a Partnered Event), please contact us at to be included!