*Updated 3/24/2022

The health and safety of all visitors to CombatCon remains our top priority. We are constantly monitoring government mandates, as well as local and venue guidelines and public health announcements. As information pertaining to the virus continues to develop, we will adjust our approach as needed to ensure a coordinated effort and a safe environment for all attendees.

COVID-19 Vaccinations
CombatCon will no longer require proof of vaccination to participate in person. Local health authorities do not require proof of vaccination to enter indoor locations. Vaccinations are highly recommended, but not required.

Because the COVID variants are ever changing, CombatCon will make an official call on face coverings approximately 2 weeks prior to the event. At this time, local authorities no longer require anyone to wear a face mask while in public indoor settings. Masks are encouraged, especially for the unvaccinated or those at high risk, but they are not required in most public indoor venues. 
Please note, masks may still be required on public transportation, including buses, taxis and ride share services so please plan accordingly.

As information pertaining to COVID-19 requirements is ever evolving, we will continue to update as needed based on state, local and venue requirements.

Please remember: tickets are non-refundable, even in the event of changes to our pandemic requirements.