Guild Battle

Combat Con 2020 Guild Battle Tournament

*Date and Time for 2020 Guild Battle TBA


The Guild Battle event is a tournament designed for fighters to meet new people, break the ice, and emphasize fun over competition, while still keeping a martial mindset. It is a way to put prizes, ranks, and coaching aside for a moment, and just laugh while sparring in a fun environment with new people. 

The Guild Battle 

In this Guild Battle, fighters will be taken from the sign-up roster and randomized into different teams or “Guilds” of 5 people each. These teams will be placed into pools, with each team fighting twice over the course of the tournament. 

This means that if there are 6 Guild Teams, there will be 3 pools of opposing teams. After those three pools are finished, opposing teams will rotate so that each team faces a new opponent. 

After each team has faced two opposing teams, their cumulative scores will be tallied with the two highest scoring teams moving on to the final match. If there are any ties disputing the score of the two highest teams, those ties will be settled with a sudden-death match of single exchange between single champions nominated from each of the teams in question, before moving onto the Final. 

The Battle Sequence:

Roll: A roll of the die will determine the weapons to be used by individual fighters in that exchange. Die is rolled, the weapon is presented. (Note: There will be no mixed weapons for this section. Each weapon will be paired. That is, if someone rolls for saber, the duel is to be fought with sabers, etc.) 

Nominate Fighter: Once the weapons have been chosen, the Guild must elect their champion. Each fighter must fight one bout per team battle, and no fighter may fight more than once, barring circumstantial exceptions such as injury. 

It is important to note that fighters are expected to be in gear and ready at the time their Guild fights. Once chosen, fighters will be given a 30 second period to adjust their gear appropriately to accommodate the weapons of their bout. This 30 second period is allowed to ensure the tournament runs smoothly and efficiently; however, if this period exceeds 30 seconds, there will be a -1 penalty to the teams total score. 

Fight!: Fighters take their place, salute and commence. Each fight will last for a total of 2 minutes with a running clock, with a max of 3 total points available to each team. Sufficient strikes to the head and torso will be counted as 2 points, whereas the legs and arms will be counted as a single point. Afterblows may result in a deduction of points (see Point Scoring), while Doubles result in the loss of the available point.

Guild Battle Rules: 

The Guild Battle follows the General Rules as laid out by Combat Con 2019, with the following changes and addendum: 

Point Scoring

There will be a total of 3 points available to be scored to each Guild for each bout between fighters. A fighter’s valid strike against an opponent yields points to the fighter’s team, with each following match earning them more points. 

Once each Guild has fought another Guild twice, the points will be gathered and tallied up, with the two highest scoring Guilds fighting against one another. 

The following point scoring will be used for the Guild Battle Tournament: 

TargetPoint Value

*IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE that the spine, back of the head, and hands will be considered illegal strikes. Intentional strikes to these areas may result in a warning before being removed from the event. While this is intended to be fun, we are not trying to have that fun at the expense of the safety and well-being of our friends.*

Afterblows and Doubles

The afterblow deducts one point from the score of the attacking fighter, with the exception of the lower targets. An afterblow performed against the legs will not be counted.

In the case of a Double-Hit, that is when both fighters strike as though they are not protecting themselves, or in such a way that would yield a “double-Hit” in a tournament setting, the point becomes lost to both of their teams and goes to no one.

A max of three double-hits will be allowed between fighters before their bout is called and new fighters are allowed to step forward. 

One-Handed Blows with Two-Handed Weapons

One-handed blows are not permitted except when the other hand is used as part of a grappling technique executed against an opponent. 

Point Limits

The match will be concluded once a fighter has reached a total of 3 points. First to three points is considered the winner of the battle; however each Guild retains the amount of points they’ve scored, as those numbers will be used to tally up the final competitors. 

Weapons and Protective Gear

Due to safety and fairness, all weapons will be provided by the tournament runners. Most will be Synthetic with the exception of foils and dussack, but all will be matched. That is to say, for every synthetic broadsword, there will be its twin. There will be no odd pairing of steel on synthetic. 

Protective Gear

While this event is intended to be fun it is also to maintain a level of safety for all fighters. That said, fighters are to wear protective gear as deemed acceptable by the staff at the time of gear inspection (see below). With this in mind, certain other armors including metal plate armor (breastplates, elbow guards, gloves, helms etc), TSL armor, and fantasy-styled armors are all permitted for the event, so long as fighters are aware and consent to being struck with martial force while in that armor. 

All armor will be inspected by the tournament staff prior to competition.

  • Appropriate head protection: Masks with back of the head protection..
  • Trachea protection, that protects the throat from a direct thrust.
  • Hard elbow protection, that covers the 3 points of the elbow *recommended
  • Hard leg protection that covers the 3 points of the knee and covers the shin
  • Groin protection is required for male fighters.
  • Breast protection is required for female fighters.
  • Forearm protection is not essential but highly recommended.
  • No exposed skin will be allowed.

The Grand Finale!!!

The final will be fought between the two Guilds with the highest cumulative score of the tournament thus far. However, the final will follow a different formatting than the pool tournaments. 

In keeping with the spirit of fun, the final will be fought in a dodgeball-style grand melee. With the winner of the tournament being named after winning the best of three rounds of the melee. 

Randomized synthetic weapon sets will be scattered at the center of the grounds, with each team facing off at opposing ends of the field in their own area or “Zone”. At the judge’s call, the Guildswill race from their Zone to the center of the field and select their weapon of choice. 

In order to keep them from just striking at other people trying to grab their weapons, Fighters must claim their chosen weapon and immediately return to their Zone, in order to activate that weapon and begin combat. 

All three rounds of the Final will consist of a single-exchange melee in which competitors will try to eliminate the other team from the field. This battle will follow all the other guidelines and rules of the tournament, barring the mixed weapons as stated earlier. That is, any weapon can fight against another, so long as the opposing weapons are wielded by Fighters of opposing teams. There will be no friendly-fire. 

The team who takes the best two out of three of the melee rounds, by having the most Fighters surviving at the end of the round each time, will be the team that wins the melee and the Grand Finale.