Movement Improvisation

Movement improvisation is a useful tool on so many levels! For movement teachers and choreographers, it’s useful for content creation, but it can honestly open your horizons in so many ways when it comes to moving your body through space. By exploring movement games rooted in the building blocks of dance composition, students will build […]

Shocknife Demo

If you’ve never seen…or heard(!) a Shocknife, then this demo is a must-see!  Shocknives are training aids, utilized to train police and military personnel in defense against knife attacks.  They do this by causing an adrenaline response, induced by electrical current that shoots through these blades.  Yup, that’s right…these are electrical knives, and they positively […]

Armored Combat Demonstration

Throughout the weekend, stop in the Experience Hall to check out The Silver State Saracens – Las Vegas’ only ACW women’s chapter. A new expansion Team for Armored Combat Worldwide Pacific Region, joined by a few fighters from around the ACW , we are a competitive league and a team. We fight for metals, honor […]