WW2 Combatives and the FS Fighting Knife

WW2 Combatives and the FS Fighting Knife This class will drill students in techniques of unarmed close combat originally created for WW2 special forces and still taught as military combatives today. As well as unarmed training, we will also cover a brief history of the famous FS Fighting Knife or Commando knife. This will feature […]

Highland Broadsword

The Art of Highland broadsword as taught and used in Scotland throughout the 17th and 18th centuries has been all but lost until now. Now you can learn at the hands of a Highland Master-at-Arms as this class imparts a hands-on practical understanding of the fundamentals of footwork, blade-work and techniques most effective with the […]

Chi-Com Close Quarters Blade Combatives

This class will combine close quarter empty hand Combatives with fixed blade tactics.  Students will learn a variety of close quarters combat skills, such as: clinch fighting and grappling for the street, stand-up grappling and restricted striking, fixed blade carry and deployment, reverse grip knife tactics, In-fight weapon accessing, and much more! Required Equipment: Knife […]

No Ammo No Problem: Close Quarters Pistol

It’s a really bad day when you’re defending yourself in close quarters with a pistol.  It’s an even worse day when your pistol doesn’t “BANG!” and instead just “clicks.” Not all’s lost, however.  There are still many ways you can defend and get yourself to safety without ammunition.  This class will explore the close-quarter-battle posture, […]

Spanish Small-sword

We will explore the beginnings of the French influence on Destreza in the use of the Espadin (Spanish small-sword). We will go through drills in the various postures and closely examine when and why to select each posture.

World War 1 Unarmed Fighting Techniques

When America entered WW1 in 1917, it had a very small army. The last great call-up for fighting men had been the American Civil War. Suddenly, millions of men needed training in combat. The Army and Marines introduced concepts from boxing, wrestling, jujutsu and anything that could be cobbled together from sources. We will review […]

Push and pull: don’t fight the grapple

Fighting against one person is hard enough. Resistance tension, fighting a hold, or just not remembering how to exit a hold adds multipliers of opposition to the fight. Using collar-and-elbow holds we will work on understanding the flow of a grapple session. Then we will apply Fiore’s abrazare techniques and demonstrate how to maximize their […]

Master Class: Knife Throwing with Jack Dagger

A hands-on look at knife throwing for the beginner to the advanced thrower. This master class will give you more time and personal instruction at your level of throwing. This special master class will be a separate charge, but only participants registered for CombatCon will be able to attend.  You can register for Combat Con at […]

Master Class: Dastardly Disarms

  This master class will work on different disarms that are fancy, fun and make you look like a badass. If your weapon gets in the way, or becomes a liability, get rid of it and use the opponent’s sword instead. Or the opponent might just have a nicer sword and you want to upgrade. […]