Basic Firearms Handling, Safety and Movement Drills

This class will go over basic firearms handling, firearm safety rules and also touch on movement like bounding, cover/concealment. This class will teach you the real techniques which will give actors a foundation to make their movements and weapons handling more practical and realistic.

Taichi Fan

Participants will learn the basic principles of the Taichi Fan and a short fighting form. While slow, Taichi gives you a strong foundational practice that will help you to understand, coordinate, and sense your body to benefit martial artists of any background. It is also an excellent practice for those seeking to improve their breath […]

Renaissance Dance: For Glory, Love & Fitness

Dance and swordfighting go hand in hand and foot in shoe! This class looks at the contemporary dances that were performed at court or on village greens by anyone and everyone. You will get smatterings of historical context as you learn how to strut, bounce, and flaunt your moves that are sure to turn heads. […]

Fight like a Pharaoh: Exploring the Combat Traditions of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is one of the most well documented civilizations in Africa as well containing some of the earliest depictions of organized combat systems. Like other cultures on the continent, the Egyptians practiced wrestling, boxing, and stick fighting in order to prepare warriors for the battlefield as well as to demonstrate Egypt’s dominance other it’s […]

Movement patterns with sword, dagger and cloak

In this class, we will be looking at a series of actions or movement patterns that are shared across the three weapon combinations described by Bolognese fencing master Giovanni Dall’Agocchie: sword, sword and dagger and sword and cloak. While his treatise can seem overwhelming at first due to the sheer number of defensive and offensive […]

To Throw or Not to Throw

Does knife throwing really have a place in a combat-oriented society? I mean, why throw away a perfectly good weapon? I’ve struggled with this question for almost twenty years as a professional, and I’m finally willing to admit that it does. Kinda. But it’s probably not what you’re thinking, and it’s pretty nasty. Come let […]

Master Class: Knife Throwing with Jack Dagger

A hands-on look at knife throwing for the beginner to the advanced thrower. This master class will give you more time and personal instruction at your level of throwing. This special master class will be a separate charge, but only participants registered for CombatCon will be able to attend.  You can register for Combat Con at […]

Master Class: Irish Stick

This class is designed to teach the Irish stick as taught to me by Ken Pfrenger and built upon as he and I expanded. You will learn foot work and striking along with theory and skills to use in everyday carry. This special master class is a separate charge, but only participants registered for Combat […]

Master Class: Khukuri Advanced Fighting Methods

This class will explore advance usage of the Khukuri in a modern application. We will look at entries and defensive tactics along with more empty handed techniques as applied by the Khukuri. Required Equipment: A Khukuri trainer or some sort of Big Knife. Some trainers will be provided by Instructor. This special master class is […]