Hawaiian War Art of Lua

Kumu Michelle will share ancient knowledge of the war art, the Hawaiian Lua. She will also teach you how to move in close-quarters with empty-handed and weaponry techniques. Banned from public display just before 1830, the war art was then concealed within the Hawaiian Hula dance. Kumu will discuss an ancient warrior’s path and training, […]

Master Class: McLemore Tactical and Big Knife Certification

School of Two Swords McLemore Fighting System Intermediate Level Certification Exam Tomahawk/Knife, Bowie/Large Knife, Tactical Knife This 6 hour master class/examination will review the Basic and Intermediate level skills of the McLemore Fighting System that is the basis of the School of Two Swords curriculum. It is designed to prepare the student to take the […]

Apaches in Paris? Defense Against the Vicious Street Gangs of Paris

“By 1874 Paris was swarming with vagabonds. Consisting mostly of juvenile delinquents, these ten thousand or so ruffians would evolve into a new generation of street-fighter, banding into a gang which came to be known as the Apache.” (Excerpted from The Dirty Tricks of the French Apache By Craig Gemeiner) The word “Apache” (pronounced “ah […]

Movement in Heels

Confrontation doesn’t wait for the perfect footwear. This class is designed for both those who wear heels and anyone who teaches those who do. Come learn the basics of running, rolling, recovery and balance critical to moving safely and effectively in heels. Required equipment: A pair of high heels, any height or style. It’s strongly […]


Pugilism is the sport of bare knuckle boxing, coming from the English tradition, and popular around the world in previous centuries. In this class we will start with basics and build up into moderate technical skills, giving you a flavor of Broughton-era pugilism. Required Equipment: None

The Fighting Khukuri

This class, in its figth year, will explore the use of the Khukuri in combat as used by the Gurkha. These are forces used by the British Army, and are some of the most feared soldiers in the world. Required Equipment: A Khukuri trainer or some sort of Big Knife. Some trainers will be provided […]