Power Generation and Calibration

This hands-on class is designed to teach power generation as well as calibration. It’s exciting to be able to swing swords with lots of power, this class will detail how to optimize our movements for the most efficient power possible. The goal is to use all of our strength and the entity of our body […]

Sword and Shield Across the Continents

This class will look to analyze the use of the sword and shield across three very different, yet intrinsically interconnected continents during the (insert century here) century. Using primary sources and living traditions, students will compare and contrast single sword and shield usage across Persia, Africa, and Europe.

What the heck is your core?!

“Use your core, Luke.” –Definitely Obi-Wan, or someone. You’ve likely heard encouragement to activate this mythical “”core.”” You probably even know how to tense your abdominal muscles and feel like you’re using it! But are you truly engaging your core? In this class, we will demystify the concept of the core and work through multiple […]

Fiore Polehammer

In this class we will be looking at Fiore’s section on pole hammer, how it ties into the other parts of his system, and how we can use those fundamentals with other weapons.

Meynsata’s Way : Fighting with Sword and Spear

Meynsata was a legendary heroine from the kingdom of Songhay in West Africa who fought against a monster called the Hira who had kidnapped her father. According to the legend, she single handedly defeat the Hira and the hordes of wild animals it controlled wielding a sword and spear. The use of sword and spear/stick […]

Longsword Yoga

Does your sword have a special place for you next to (or maybe in) your bed?  Do you have an interest in Yoga and curious about how to incorporate yoga into your workout routine? Have you attended a class or two but got a few strange looks because you brought a sword with you?  If […]

Ballet For Swordfighters

The connection between ballet and sword fighting is strong considering that even in Renaissance dance manuals, we are instructed on how to dance with a sword at our hip. That relationship only deepens as swordplay moved into more minute motions of the body. While taking a ballet class to improve sword training is a wonderful […]

Leckuchner 101 (The use of the Langes Messer)

This class will cover the fundamental positions, cuts, and footwork of Leckuchner’s Messer. By the end of the class, participants will feel that they have a grasp of how to fight with a messer. Required Equipment: None Skill Level: Beginner

Bullwhip Basics for Beginners

Using the natural structure or “belly” braided into the bullwhip, and the performer’s body structure/skeletal alignment, the Rolling Loop technique allows the bullwhip to extend forward in narrow spaces, rather than the traditional cowboy method, which is primarily muscling the whip with the shoulder muscles in wide arcs. Created by Anthony De Longis for Catwoman […]