To Throw or Not to Throw

Does knife throwing really have a place in a combat-oriented society? I mean, why throw away a perfectly good weapon? I’ve struggled with this question for almost twenty years as a professional, and I’m finally willing to admit that it does. Kinda. But it’s probably not what you’re thinking, and it’s pretty nasty. Come let […]

A Stick is a Sword is a Knife – Single Stick: Beginner

Anthony & Dr. Mary De Longis will teach Beginner sessions in 8 angles of attack and 9 angles of supporting footwork. Introduce horizontal and vertical strikes as well as linear, lateral and diagonal footwork combinations. Introduce diagonal strikes from multiple angles and corresponding footwork to create illusion of power through hip rotation and torque with […]

Leckuchner 101 (The use of the Langes Messer)

This class will cover the fundamental positions, cuts, and footwork of Leckuchner’s Messer. By the end of the class, participants will feel that they have a grasp of how to fight with a messer. Required Equipment: None Skill Level: Beginner

New Orleans Dueling Bowie Knife

This class is based on the dueling traditions of pre-civil war New Orleans and inspired by the great fencing masters of the French Quarter such as Don Pepe Lulla. Required Equipment: Participants in this class should bring a Cold Steel Bowie knife trainer. To get the most benefit from this class you will also need […]

The Fighting Khukuri

This class, in its figth year, will explore the use of the Khukuri in combat as used by the Gurkha. These are forces used by the British Army, and are some of the most feared soldiers in the world. Required Equipment: A Khukuri trainer or some sort of Big Knife. Some trainers will be provided […]