WW2 Combatives and the FS Fighting Knife

WW2 Combatives and the FS Fighting Knife This class will drill students in techniques of unarmed close combat originally created for WW2 special forces and still taught as military combatives today. As well as unarmed training, we will also cover a brief history of the famous FS Fighting Knife or Commando knife. This will feature […]

Hawaiian War Art of Lua

Kumu Michelle will share ancient knowledge of the war art, the Hawaiian Lua. She will also teach you how to move in close-quarters with empty-handed and weaponry techniques. Banned from public display just before 1830, the war art was then concealed within the Hawaiian Hula dance. Kumu will discuss an ancient warrior’s path and training, […]

Chi-Com Close Quarters Blade Combatives

This class will combine close quarter empty hand Combatives with fixed blade tactics.  Students will learn a variety of close quarters combat skills, such as: clinch fighting and grappling for the street, stand-up grappling and restricted striking, fixed blade carry and deployment, reverse grip knife tactics, In-fight weapon accessing, and much more! Required Equipment: Knife […]

Sword and Shield Across the Continents

This class will look to analyze the use of the sword and shield across three very different, yet intrinsically interconnected continents during the (insert century here) century. Using primary sources and living traditions, students will compare and contrast single sword and shield usage across Persia, Africa, and Europe.

Focus – Find Stillness, Take Your Shot

How did a sheltered, undiagnosed ADHD child from the suburbs of Baton Rouge, LA learn to safely become the most recognized knife throwing performer ever? It wasn’t easy, and I needed the help of somebody else. Now it’s time for me to be that somebody for you. You’re gonna like what I have to share, […]