The Warrior’s Code – Ancient Secrets from the Auld Land

After an intense few days of combative immersion, this class provides an opportunity to wind-down and reflect on the deepest levels of our own Warrior Spirit.  Scottish legend and lore shall open this class, which shall uncover some of the deepest understandings of Scottish martial culture. We will move from there to study in some […]

Master Class: Knife Throwing with Jack Dagger

A hands-on look at knife throwing for the beginner to the advanced thrower. This master class will give you more time and personal instruction at your level of throwing. This special master class will be a separate charge, but only participants registered for CombatCon will be able to attend.  You can register for Combat Con at […]

Master Class: Irish Stick

This class is designed to teach the Irish stick as taught to me by Ken Pfrenger and built upon as he and I expanded. You will learn foot work and striking along with theory and skills to use in everyday carry. This special master class is a separate charge, but only participants registered for Combat […]

Master Class: Dastardly Disarms

  This master class will work on different disarms that are fancy, fun and make you look like a badass. If your weapon gets in the way, or becomes a liability, get rid of it and use the opponent’s sword instead. Or the opponent might just have a nicer sword and you want to upgrade. […]

Master Class: McLemore Tactical and Big Knife Certification

School of Two Swords McLemore Fighting System Intermediate Level Certification Exam Tomahawk/Knife, Bowie/Large Knife, Tactical Knife This 6 hour master class/examination will review the Basic and Intermediate level skills of the McLemore Fighting System that is the basis of the School of Two Swords curriculum. It is designed to prepare the student to take the […]

MASTERING THE BULLWHIP, The Supersonic Flexible Blade

Anthony De Longis, Whip Master to the Stars has trained and performed with Harrison Ford, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jet Li, Brendan Fraser, Placido Domingo, Anjelica Houston, Ellen Barkin, Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman of MYTHBUSTERS and a host of others in the entertainment industry, as well as a legion of professional and amateur performers and martial artists.  In […]