Spanish Rapier: A Practical Approach

Spanish swordsmanship, La Verdadera Destreza, has for too long been associated with a needless mystique. This class will remove much of the mystery and adhere to a totally pragmatic combative approach. All Spanish technical terminology will be dispensed with as much as possible. This will be a fast paced class dealing with this subject in […]

Key Elements of French Small Sword

The fundamental principles of the French school of small sword will be demonstrated. The key elements of French small sword theory will be interwoven within the intensive drills that will be practiced. The class will consist of full contact drills; therefore proper safety equipment is required. Required Equipment: Small-swords, gloves for both hands, masks, jackets, […]


The staff or just a strong stick is, along with the rock, the oldest weapon. Used since the Stone Age, it has persisted until the 20th century.   In Europe, staff weapons, AKA polearms, were popular weapons for the military from the 12th to the 17th centuries.   In previous centuries, it was a common […]