Apaches in Paris? Defense Against the Vicious Street Gangs of Paris

“By 1874 Paris was swarming with vagabonds. Consisting mostly of juvenile delinquents, these ten thousand or so ruffians would evolve into a new generation of street-fighter, banding into a gang which came to be known as the Apache.” (Excerpted from The Dirty Tricks of the French Apache By Craig Gemeiner) The word “Apache” (pronounced “ah […]

Early 20th Century Street Defense

In the late part of the 19th century and the early part of the 20th the early part of the major cities of Europe especially, London, Paris were ridden with street crime mostly unchecked by the local authorities.  The gentlefolk of the time turned to the salles and fencing schools of the time to develop […]

A Stick is a Sword is a Knife – Single Stick: Beginner

Anthony & Dr. Mary De Longis will teach Beginner sessions in 8 angles of attack and 9 angles of supporting footwork. Introduce horizontal and vertical strikes as well as linear, lateral and diagonal footwork combinations. Introduce diagonal strikes from multiple angles and corresponding footwork to create illusion of power through hip rotation and torque with […]

The Irish Stick

This class will show the Irish Stick as taught to me by Ken Pfrenger. We will explore this weapon as an everyday carry at its time in history and techniques that will show ow to use the Irish Stick as a means of self-protection. Required Equipment: Either a Shillelagh or walking cane will do. Skill […]


The staff or just a strong stick is, along with the rock, the oldest weapon. Used since the Stone Age, it has persisted until the 20th century.   In Europe, staff weapons, AKA polearms, were popular weapons for the military from the 12th to the 17th centuries.   In previous centuries, it was a common […]