A Stick is a Sword is a Knife – Single Stick: Beginner

Anthony & Dr. Mary De Longis will teach Beginner sessions in 8 angles of attack and 9 angles of supporting footwork. Introduce horizontal and vertical strikes as well as linear, lateral and diagonal footwork combinations. Introduce diagonal strikes from multiple angles and corresponding footwork to create illusion of power through hip rotation and torque with […]

Leckuchner 101 (The use of the Langes Messer)

This class will cover the fundamental positions, cuts, and footwork of Leckuchner’s Messer. By the end of the class, participants will feel that they have a grasp of how to fight with a messer. Required Equipment: None Skill Level: Beginner

Fiore de Liberi Introduction: Longsword, Dagger, and More!

Fiore de Liberi’s Flower of Battle is a 15th century martial art that includes the use of the sword, wrestling, dagger, and more! Richard Marsden will go over the history, context and basic techniques of the system. Great for those new to Fiore or those who want to teach it (Marsden will always promote experienced […]

Polish Saber

Richard Marsden, author of, “Polish Saber” covers the history of 17th century Poland and explores the use of the Polish saber. The class includes historical games as well as the use of numerous techniques from this re-constructed art. Equipment: None needed, but if you wish to play some of the games and work on the […]

Key Elements of French Small Sword

The fundamental principles of the French school of small sword will be demonstrated. The key elements of French small sword theory will be interwoven within the intensive drills that will be practiced. The class will consist of full contact drills; therefore proper safety equipment is required. Required Equipment: Small-swords, gloves for both hands, masks, jackets, […]