Longsword Yoga

Does your sword have a special place for you next to (or maybe in) your bed?  Do you have an interest in Yoga and curious about how to incorporate yoga into your workout routine? Have you attended a class or two but got a few strange looks because you brought a sword with you?  If […]

Takedowns Fight Seminar

Haven’t you wanted to do the takedowns from your favorite Action movie? How many times have you been told to yourself … “if only I could do it myself?” It’s time to take the first step towards that goal! A takedown is a technique that involves off-balancing an Opponent and bringing them to the ground […]

Acrofight Fight Lab

Fight like the superheroes do! This seminar will include: – Warm Up – Pre-Workout – Acrobatic Work – Aerial Work – Acrobalance Work The ADVANCED course is recommended for professionals, advanced actor/combatants, or actors with great body perception, circus skills, acrobats or gymnasts! ANYONE CAN BE A HERO! YOU JUST HAVE TO HAVE FAITH IN […]


Pugilism is the sport of bare knuckle boxing, coming from the English tradition, and popular around the world in previous centuries. In this class we will start with basics and build up into moderate technical skills, giving you a flavor of Broughton-era pugilism. Required Equipment: None

Urban Combatives

Urban Combatives (UC) is a method  Personal Security and Self Protection skills as a method of Counter Violence. UC has a compressed curriculum based on principles rather than techniques.  Students will learn how to combine “Soft Skills” and gross motor ‘Hard Skills’ in a series of pad drills and partner drills.  All of the skills […]