Bullwhip Basics for Beginners

Using the natural structure or “belly” braided into the bullwhip, and the performer’s body structure/skeletal alignment, the Rolling Loop technique allows the bullwhip to extend forward in narrow spaces, rather than the traditional cowboy method, which is primarily muscling the whip with the shoulder muscles in wide arcs. Created by Anthony De Longis for Catwoman […]

Dangerous Beauty – Working the Whip with a Partner

Once one has developed precision, it is possible to move to working with a partner. This course should be taken after Bullwhip Basics and Targeting. In it, we will work on safely enveloping a partner’s extremities and body on multiple angles, including horizontals, vertical and diagonals with both simple direct throws from 8 angles and […]

Bullwhip Targeting: Hitting What You Aim to Hit, NOT What You Don’t

This course should be taken after Bullwhip Basics. Before doing any partner work, a whip artist must have precision and consistency. This includes learning the same skills used in swordplay: distance, angle, and tempo. In this course, we will work on stabilizing hand and body position; this is critical for making the whip roll straight, […]