The Super Powers of a Good Book

How books and characters literally change lives and can be the beacon of hope for people. As mental escapes, or real life goals to aspire to, nothing feels better than to hear from a fan on how something you wrote helped their personal life.

The Lady Wears Combat Boots

Women have been involved in battle from Queen Boudicca to Senator Tammy Duckworth, from the sea to the sky. But it’s also a fact women are different. Don’t wriite your character as a man with boobs. Make her real.

Publishing in the 21st Century

Discussing the paths available to the writers once the manuscript is done. Contests? Self-pub? Small Press? Submit to agents with hopes for New York? The markets have changed, opening up options for everyone, from 1st-timers to the old pros. Find out the roads our panelists have taken.

Twas a Dark and Stormy Night-World Building

In the minds of writers it was, and that made things dangerous, but how? Build your worlds. Whether it’s treacherous mines, a pirhana-filled river, a dangerous environment outside the spaceship, or a crazed magician bound on wrecking havoc on the kingdom, it’s up to the writer to make it real for the reader.

The Gun Just Went Off!

The comedic hero accidently winning the fight, or the convienent bus, most of us prefer winning a fight with skill and purpose. This panel will discuss the types of training your heroes will need to be believable.

Write It Like You Mean It!

Learn how to write relatable characters, with all the flaws that make the real. Adore you heroes, but LOVE your villians. And don’t forget your side characters. That quirky sidekick might be the source of your next book.