A Straight Left Against a Slogging Ruffian: The Fighting Styles of Sherlock Holmes

In films and TV series, Conan Doyle’s Great Detective has been fluent in a wide variety of fighting techniques, from Robert Downey Jr.’s Wing Chung stick work to Benedict Cumberbatch’s anatomy-guided assaults. But what was the Holmes of the original stories like? What was his stated ability with weapons? What sort of a pugilist was he? And what is all of this “baritsu” stuff he keeps talking about? Sherlockian (and pugilism enthusiast) John Longenbaugh gives an illustrated talk that presents the truth about the martial arts of the original Sherlock Holmes.

18th/19th Century 2019 Panels and Presentations Stick Sword Unarmed
Location: Laughlin I Date: August 2, 2019 Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm John Longenbaugh