Bowie Knife I (Intensive Track)

Our McLemore System Track is designed for martial artists. This track will explore the basics of Colonel Dwight McLemore’s system of combat developed for his School of Two Swords. The weapons and fighting styles explored in this track are based on McLemore’s teachings and will include tomahawk, Bowie knife, tactical knife, close-quarters combat, and ground fighting. Upon completion, participants of this track will receive a Basic Level Certification in the McLemore System of the School of Two Swords and an invitation to join the Monday master class, where they will be eligible to test for an Intermediate Level Certification. In addition to exploring the basics of McLemore’s system, participants will also work with the other tracks to explore how these historical systems of combat can be more effectively applied to writing and film. Eye, head, and hand protection are HIGHLY recommended.

Intensive - McLemore System / Frontier Arts
Location: Mesquite Date: July 21, 2022 Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm John Lennox John Lennox Steve Huff