Bullwhip Basics for Beginners

Using the natural structure or “belly” braided into the bullwhip, and the performer’s body structure/skeletal alignment, the Rolling Loop technique allows the bullwhip to extend forward in narrow spaces, rather than the traditional cowboy method, which is primarily muscling the whip with the shoulder muscles in wide arcs. Created by Anthony De Longis for Catwoman in “Batman Returns,” the technique combines maximal precision, safety, and accuracy while using minimal energy. The Basic class will include the Vertical and Diagonal compound throws, and simple throws along the 8 angles of attack, using this flexible weapon similarly to a bladed weapon. This class should be taken before the other bullwhip classes.

Required Equipment: Whips 6’, 7’, 8’ whips either kangaroo or nylon (measured from handle through 2’-3- ‘fall’). Whips will be supplied but participants may use their own once approved by instructors. Students should wear long pants and may wish to wear caps and protective safety glasses. Sensible footwear for easy balanced footwork

Skill Level: Beginner

A Taste of CombatCon Flexible & Distance Weapons Whip
Location: Scenic I Date: July 22, 2022 Time: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm Mary De Longis