Bullwhip Targeting: Hitting What You Aim to Hit, NOT What You Don’t

This course should be taken after Bullwhip Basics. Before doing any partner work, a whip artist must have precision and consistency. This includes learning the same skills used in swordplay: distance, angle, and tempo. In this course, we will work on stabilizing hand and body position; this is critical for making the whip roll straight, instead of flaring at the tip. From there, we will proceed to visualizing the whip’s “track,” and placing inanimate targets along that track, determining distance – intercepting either with a cutting stroke or an envelopment stroke – and learning to feel the energy/distance difference between those 2 strokes. This technique creates the sensitivity and precision required to progress to work with a live partner.

Required Equipment: Whips 6’, 7’, 8’ whips either kangaroo or nylon (measured from handle through 2’-3- ‘fall’). Whips will be supplied but participants may use their own once approved by instructors. Students should wear long pants and may wish to wear caps and protective safety glasses. Sensible footwear for easy balanced footwork

Skill Level: Intermediate


A Taste of CombatCon Flexible & Distance Weapons Whip
Location: Scenic I Date: July 23, 2022 Time: 9:00 am - 10:30 am Anthony De Longis Mary De Longis