Characterization in Combat (Intensive Track)

The Stunt and Screen Fighting Track is for actors and stunt people interested in learning how to perform dynamic-looking combat and “sell it” for the camera. This track will take the basic principles of combat, including timing, distance, and proportion, then adapt their usage to meet the needs of performers. These skills will then be applied to scenes that will be performed and filmed in collaboration with the other tracks. Participants should be prepared to think, sweat, and go to the ground. Knee and elbow pads, water, and a towel are HIGHLY recommended.

Our Writing Track is for both creative writers and screenwriters looking to write more effective fight sequences. Participants of this track will explore the psychology of fighting, the history of fighting arts in the Americas, and have the opportunity to participate in physical classes where they can learn some of the basic principles of combat with weapons. Participants will be coached on applying this information to a manuscript or screenplay, and will then write a short script following our “choose your own adventure” guidelines that will be performed and filmed with the help of the other tracks. Writers are encouraged to participate in the filming process but not required to take part. Writing experience is not required. Participants will be responsible for bringing a computer, tablet, or other electronic device needed to write their scripts.

Intensive - Stunt and Screen Fighting Intensive - Writing for Fighting
Location: Virginia City II Date: July 22, 2022 Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Vincent DeComo Maestro Jared Kirby