Dangerous Beauty – Working the Whip with a Partner

Once one has developed precision, it is possible to move to working with a partner. This course should be taken after Bullwhip Basics and Targeting. In it, we will work on safely enveloping a partner’s extremities and body on multiple angles, including horizontals, vertical and diagonals with both simple direct throws from 8 angles and compound throws for vertical envelopments. We will also work the delivery of and reaction to out-of-range “hits” to the body and face.

Required Equipment: Whips 6’, 7’, 8’ whips either kangaroo or nylon (measured from handle through 2’-3- ‘fall’). Some will be supplied but participants may use their own once approved by instructors. Static targets – standing traffic cones, C stands, round vertical pells with horizontal arms would all be great

Skill Level: Advanced


A Taste of CombatCon Flexible & Distance Weapons Whip
Location: Scenic I Date: July 24, 2022 Time: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Anthony De Longis Mary De Longis