First Aid for HEMA

Waffles, Sprains and Strains: First Aid for Common HEMA Injuries

Is it a concussion? Is it broken? Can I still compete? Should I go to ER?

In this hands on course, we will discuss common HEMA injuries and their treatment, as well as more serious injuries and how to care for them until they are able to get to a medical provider. This course is designed for competitors, fight directors, and  club leaders (or anyone interested in providing first aid) this course will review simple things that anyone can do to care for, and prevent, the most common injuries we see in HEMA. While the course is designed with HEMA in mind, these skills can be applied in our daily lives. The techniques discussed are all approved medical practices and backed by numerous organizations including the Red Cross, CDC, Combat Casualty Care Research Program, and the Global First Aid Reference Centre.

Location: Virginia City III Date: July 24, 2022 Time: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Samantha Sherlock