The Flashlight for Personal Protection

The world of Personal Protection is full of a dizzying array of tools and weapons meant to save your hide during a hostile encounter.  What should you carry?  What can you carry?  How will you use what you have at hand, and how can you ensure what you have will be up the challenge of protecting you?  Well, this class will help answer some of those questions by “shining a light” on one very simple tool — the innocuous flashlight.  And we’re not talking those massive, 8 D-Cell battery Maglites, either.  Nope — the simple tactical light, incandescent or LED, is one powerful little tool that you shouldn’t leave home without.


This class will examine the use of the tactical flashlight, both by itself and with primary weapons.  We’ll explore force multiplier strikes, effective and devastating defenses, and of course, use of the light itself in hostile situations. Students of all skill levels and experience are welcome to participate in this course.


Equipment: No Equipment needed.

Modern Martial Arts and Personal Protection
Location: Laughlin I Date: July 22, 2022 Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Tim Ruzicki