MASTERING THE BULLWHIP, The Supersonic Flexible Blade

Anthony De Longis, Whip Master to the Stars has trained and performed with Harrison Ford, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jet Li, Brendan Fraser, Placido Domingo, Anjelica Houston, Ellen Barkin, Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman of MYTHBUSTERS and a host of others in the entertainment industry, as well as a legion of professional and amateur performers and martial artists.  In this rare master class at CombatCon in Las Vegas on Sunday July 24th, 2022, De Longis shares the secrets he’s learned from decades of training with Fencing Master Ralph Faulkner, Martial Arts great Guro Dan Inosanto, Shindkendo Japanese swordmanship with Kaiso Toshishiro Obata and Sensei Mathew Lynch, and his own 30 year intensive study of the whip to learn its secrets and subtleties.
A Fifth Degree Black Belt, member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame as 2008 Weapons Instructor of the Year, Hyaku-i Black Belt & Instructor in Shinkendo, and collegiate saber champion, De Longis invented his unique “rolling loop, follow the handle” style based on decades of bladed weapons training in European, Filipino and Japanese combative sword styles. He often refers to the whip as a super-sonic telescoping blade. His method utilizes structure and alignment to produce explosive energy with a minimum of effort. He applies the bladed weapons principle of proportionate movement so the whip always operates within the physical dimensions of the wielder making it extremely difficult for an adversary to close.  His method is safer, more efficient, more accurate and more visually pleasing – a huge plus for film, stage and television work. His technique safely generates and focuses the 700+ mph velocity of the whip to literally stab the intended target rather than merely slashing, applying the explosive power of the whip with pin-point accuracy. At the heart of it all is the martial principle of maximum return for minimum effort.

Techniques studied and performed in this workshop Master Class will include the eight angles of attack including vertical, horizontal, ascending and descending diagonal strikes on both the forehand and backhand sides. These will be explored in simple direct throws, as well as compound figures, body wraps and flowing combinations so the whip virtually never stops moving. Precision targeting and working with a partner for both target cutting and body envelopments from all 8 angles will also be examined.

He will be assisted by his wife, the lovely Dr. Mary De Longis, who handles a whip with the same deadly accuracy and precision. Beauty and danger in one explosive package.
Check out his web site at the WHIP MASTERlink at for more information.

This special 4-hour master class will be from 7:30-11:00pm and is a separate charge, but only participants registered for Combat Con will be able to attend.  You can register for Combat Con at any pass level to be eligible.  The four hour Whip master class will be $150 above the cost of Combat Con registration and you can secure your spot by registering at Masterclasses 2022.
Participants should come in comfortable attire with long sleeves and eye protection. You may bring your own whip or use one provided by Mr. DeLongis

Flexible & Distance Weapons Master Class
Location: Vista Date: July 24, 2022 Time: 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm Anthony De Longis Mary De Longis