Ocho Kantos Kali Demonstraton

Dr. T. J. “Bladepool” Cuenca originally of Iloilo City, Philippines, has
studied martial arts since 1976. His main style is Ocho Kantos Kali with
specialization in improvised weaponry, blades and impact weapons. He
graduated with a degree in Dental Medicine in 1992, and is the director of
The Superhero Foundry and CEO of Tribal Advantage Systems International in
Las Vegas, Nevada.

The primary system fighting system used is known as Ocho Kantos Kali
(OKK). OKK is an authentic Filipino martial arts style derived from the
Moro style of FMA, and founded in the southern Philippines in the province
called Mindanao.  The  art was nearly lost throughout the history of
Spanish rule, and is now taught by only a select few around the world,
including TJ who is a level 18 master instructor in the system.

Master Jon Cuenca is ranked in the top 100 Living FMA instructors by the
Filipino Martial Arts Museum and a member of the World Filipino Martial
Arts Association. He is a Master Knife and Tomahawk Throwing Instructor
under the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame and an Expert level
Knife thrower in the IKTHOF.  He is also a nine time Blade Sport Champion
and an Undefeated Live Stick Fighting champion in over 52 live stick

He is also the other half of the knife throwing competition team Blade
Aces with Melody joy Cuenca.  His trick shot knife throwing videos have
reached over half a million views in just over a year and he competes
around the world with his wife Melody in IKTHOF (International Knife
THrowers Hall of Fame) and Eurothrow (European Knife Throwing
Organization) world competitions.


38 years in the martial arts
Master Instructor (Level 18) in Ocho Kantos Kali
3rd Dan Black Belt Tae Kwon Do
Former Muay Thai champion
Member International Martial Arts Council & World Filipino Martial Arts
Ranked in the Top 100 Living Filipino Martial Arts instructors in the world.

Melody Joy ‘Montana Hale’ Cuenca is t

T.J. ‘Bladepool’ Cuenca

Height: 5’ 11” Eyes: Brown
Weight: 182 lbs. Hair: Dark Brown


Alongside Night Extra J. Neil Schulman
Burt Wonderstone P.A. Don Scardino
Blood Money Principal Kenneth Chamitoff
The Other Guys Extra Adam McKay
Red Herring Principal Joshua A. Cohen
Red Herring Stunts Joshua A. Cohen
Saw Attraction Promo Lead Nic Andrews
Peace of Mind Fight choreographer Sidney Liufau


MOJOTV Most Interesting Assistant Supporting Alex Solomons


Caesars’ Palace
Monte Carlo – VIP Promo (print and video)
MGM Grand
And several other local productions for attorney’s offices, cafes,
workshops and retail stores


Cirque du Soleil’s KA Capt. Nauticus MGM Grand Las Vegas
Star Trek – The Experience Ensign Thomas Las Vegas Hilton

Convention Work (short list)

Character Impersonation/Improv Captain Jack Sparrow Sony, HP, IBM, MGM
Character Impersonation Captain Nauticus Toyota – Mandalay Bay


IKTHOF Certified Master Knife Throwing Instructor
Phil Valentine’s Acting Course 10 Week Acting Course
Las Vegas Movie Masters Action Alliance Stunt Training
Gabriella Argento Cirque du Soleil Acting Workshops
Cary Tagawa, Sidney Liufau Private Acting Classes & Stunt Training
Grandmaster Ernesto Sison Filipino Martial Arts (16 years)
Tae Kwon Do World Tae Kwon Do Federation 3rd Dan (8 years)


1st Place Roulette Quick Throwing 2016 IKTHOf US Nationals

1st Place Novice division No-Spin Knife Throwing 2015 IKTHOF US Nationals

3rd Place Trick Throwing 2015 Blade Aces Las Vegas Championships

1st Place Blade Sport Masters Division 2012 FCS Kali ‘Samahan ng mga Kapatid’

1st Place Blade Sport Single Blade Division San Diego

1st Place Blade Sport Single Blade Division Disneyland Martial Arts
Festival 2005

1st Place Blade Sport Double Blade Division Disneyland Martial Arts
Festival 2005

Muay Thai Championships – 5 Time Regional Champion, 3 Time National
Champion with 13-0-1 record

Stick Fighting (1986-2006): Undefeated in 52 live stick challenges and

Certifications and videos

Our best viewed Youtube knife throwing video (over 500,000 views in just
one year): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_V0D7MbClQ

FMA Instruction – http://www.jkdcombatives.com/instructors/

Superhero Foundry Channel –

FMA Instruction –

Knife Throwing –

Film and Television – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3675110/

Product Reviews – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-qLuyVvfCs

Product Reviews – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hL7o4zMNXdg

Special Skills

Accents: Spanish, Filipino, British (London), Cockney, Scottish, German,
Russian, East Indian.
Languages: English, Tagalog, Hiligaynon, Visaya, some Spanish and German
Character impersonations, improvisation, narration & voiceovers
Fight choreography, weapons (knives, sword, sticks) choreography & firearms.
Stunts: Falls, reaction fighting, sword fighting (Asian, European and
Medieval styles)
Graduated Doctor of Dental Medicine (1992) & well-versed in medical and
nursing terminology.
3rd Dan in Tae Kwon Do, Level 18 Master rank in the Filipino Martial Art
of Ocho Kantos Kali and former Muay Thai kickboxer – 38 years in the
martial arts
Sports: Knife throwing, Precision sport throwing, kickboxing, Parkour,
stilts, softball, soccer, ping pong, billiards, archery, boxing, & chess.

Location: Expo Hall - Demo Ring Date: July 10, 2016 Time: 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm