Standing out at Auditions

“All of these people look so comfortable. That guy is so tall, and good looking…I wonder what he prepared. Oh she has nice lines. Oof, that wasn’t a flat fall, I wander if they’ll overlook that. Please call my number, please call my number….Please DON’T call my number.” – Thoughts during an Audition
If you’re like me, and like anyone else, then you’ve probably encountered these ceaseless rambling thoughts that fluctuate between criticism, judgement, acceptance and blankness all
encompassed in the lengthy process of what can often feel like “Surviving” every Cut at an audition.
The most important question I ask myself in these situations once I’ve found a moment to breath is, “Are these thoughts serving me? Are they helping or hindering me towards giving my best performance?” And that is exactly what this class is about!
What thoughts, actions, and initiative do we need to take as individuals to not only deliver our most Authentic and Present selves at our auditions?
As someone who casts for some of the largest touring action/stunt/stage combat shows in the world, I am consistently hiring not only from a talent perspective, but a Value driven matrix. So, I invite anyone whether fresh to the professional world of auditioning all the way to veterans who know how to prepare. To come join in on a day of Perspective where you’ll have the opportunity to not only practice a call back audition where we’ll be Rolling, Dodging, Punching, Kicking, Tossing and getting hands on with one another – You will also get an inside look from the perspective of someone behind the table. Pointers, tips and tricks to stand out with some small changes will be the main focus of class. This can have you going from the middle of the pile of resumes to the top, and ideally to the short list.
This class will challenge you not only to keep your physical and mental pace while honing in your technical skills. It will prepare you for major stunt/stage combat auditions in order to land that role/show you’ve been dreaming of. It will also challenge you as a human being to be present and shine light on your best self surrounding the interactions you’ll be encouraged to undergo with the other performers sharing space a with you.
If you’re someone who wants to elevate your auditions to the next level and start making those cuts all the way to offers – Then this class is for you!

Location: Carson City I Date: July 22, 2022 Time: 9:00 am - 10:30 am Vincent DeComo