Sticky Hands, Sticky Blades: The Importance of Training with Contact

In wing chun kung fu, an exercise called chi sao, or sticking hands, has long been used to develop a kind of tactile sensitivity to use the pressure and energy of your opponent to your advantage. This tactile sensitivity has many parallels to the use of tacto in Spanish and Italian schools of fencing, sentiment du fer in the French school, fuhlen in the German school and many others. In this class we will look at how the sticky hands exercise is used in wing Chun training, and how this concept applies in European swordsmanship as well.
Equipment requirements: your hands and any European swords the student wishes to bring.

18th/19th Century Medieval Martial Arts Renaissance Martial Arts Sword Unarmed
Location: Laughlin III Date: July 24, 2022 Time: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Maestro Antone Blair