McLemore Fighting System – The Fighting Bowie

The McLemore Fighting System

As one of the “Founders” of the Western Martial Arts resurgence over 20 years ago, Lt. Colonel Dwight McLemore was recognized as one of the true pioneers in combining solid historical research with strong martial principles and a solid understanding of the nature of combat to revive lost combat arts.  While he spent many years studying various forms of weaponry of many styles, he truly loved researching and exploring those fighting systems for which little was known.  From the fighting tactics of early American scouts and trackers to the martial practices of ancient gladiators, the Colonel always spent exhaustive hours researching, practicing, and developing training methodologies to help reintroduce these dynamics systems.  Decades of research and practice have been brought together into McLemore Fighting System, based on the curriculum of the Colonel’s original School of Two Swords.

Carrying on his legacy many of his students-now-instructors will be teaching classes on his methodology and techniques focusing on various weapons and styles:

The Fighting Bowie – This class will examine the history (and myths) behind the “Bowie knife” and look at how it was used as both a fighting and dueling weapon.  Carriage and drawing of the weapon will also be discussed so participants should bring a belt.

Eye, head and hand protection HIGHLY recommended.

Location: Virginia City II Date: July 24, 2021 Time: 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm Steve Huff Maestro Jared Kirby Tim Ruzicki