The Warrior’s Code – Ancient Secrets from the Auld Land

After an intense few days of combative immersion, this class provides an opportunity to wind-down and reflect on the deepest levels of our own Warrior Spirit.  Scottish legend and lore shall open this class, which shall uncover some of the deepest understandings of Scottish martial culture.

We will move from there to study in some depth the Elemental Swordsman, which are the understandings of our most essential elements, how to control these, develop these, balance these and grow as we train and as we Live each day. We will furthermore learn how to identify our opponent’s truest weaknesses when engaged in combat, and how to maintain control of the threat in order to overcome and prevail in any live encounter.

This is not any kind of pseudo-science seminar, but a serious study of exactly who we are, and how exactly we can most efficiently learn from ourselves in order to optimise all training and lessons both in and out of the training environment.

The lessons learned here are some of the most valuable we can learn in Life and in developing ourselves as effective martial artists. It is based entirely on evidenced content from European Fencing Masters and beyond and connects us directly with the traditional wisdom and abilities of our ancient ancestors.

Cost is $150 USD

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Master Class
Location: Virginia City II Date: July 25, 2022 Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Maestro Paul Macdonald