Alan/Duann Black

Alan Black spent most of his adult life in the Kansas City area (with the exception of a few years in the U.S. Air Force), before moving to sunny Arizona. The dry desert air stimulated his creativity more than the juicy air in Missouri (pronounced here as ‘misery’).

His desire to write started in the second grade, when given an assignment to write a short story about Greek mythology. It had an impact on him, eventually leading him to finally write (and most importantly finish) his first manuscript. It took Alan two years to complete ‘Eye on The Prize’, but he was smitten with the art, getting better and faster, until he could complete manuscripts in three weeks. His skills at telling a story led him to become a #1 Amazon Best Seller Science Fiction author of over 22 books.

His latest work, Quest for the White Wind, was released before we lost this wonderful author. He always said he never met a good story he didn’t want to tell. Many of those stories remain untold, but we look forward to his final completed books being published in the near future, as his legacy continues through his loving wife, and Chief Editor, Duann Black. To find out more about Alan and his long list of books, check out his website at:

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