Anthony Buonomo

Anthony Buonomo is the founder of Austin Historical Weapons Guild, Austin’s premier HEMA school.  From its humble beginnings as a park meet up it has grown under his direction to a thriving club which offers a variety of classes weekly along with beginner introduction courses and workshops.  While he has been studying HEMA since 2014, his other training in mixed martial arts, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Judo, and Aikido all help inform his unique approach to teaching HEMA which combines the footwork of traditional martial arts with historical techniques.

In addition to martial arts, Anthony has participated in SCA combat and foam fighting with Dagorhir.  Through all of it, Sword and Buckler has been a growing passion which lead him to research MS I.33 in earnest, making is a focus in his practice since 2016.  He has taught workshops and classes in I.33 and Thibault, most recently at SoCal 2022 where he also won bronze in Advanced Longsword.  He is also a frequent collaborator with The Modern Rogue YouTube series based in Austin.  In his spare time, he obsesses over swords, cuts stuff with swords, and talks about swords.

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