Maestro Antone Blair

Antone Blair began fencing in 1995 while studying Anthropology and Classical Mediterranean Civilization at Beloit College in Wisconsin.  Finding that he was more interested in fencing as a martial art, he began seeking information on the rapier and the dueling sword.  In May 2001, Mr. Blair attended a seminar on the art of Spanish rapier taught by Maestros Ramon Martínez and Jeannette Acosta-Martínez.  He immediately developed a passion for the Spanish school of fencing and soon thereafter became a student of the Martinez Academy of Arms. In January of 2006, Mr. Blair earned the rank of Instructor in French foil and dueling sword, and, in June of the same year, he earned the rank of Instructor in Spanish rapier. In January of 2012 he earn the rank of Instructor in Italian foil and dueling sabre. Mr.Blair also studies and trains in the use of the Spanish navaja under Maestro James Loriega of the Raven Arts Institute, and trains in wing chun kung fu under Sifu Kurt Saenz.  He is the fencing instructor at Humboldt State University, where he teaches French foil, and for advanced students, French dueling sword, Spanish rapier and navaja technique.  He also offers fencing instruction at the Destreza Pacifica Fencing Club in Arcata, California, where students are taught the art of defense with an emphasis on universal principles of self-defense.

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