Ben Miller

BEN MILLER is an American author and filmmaker. For the last thirteen years, Miller has studied fencing at the Martinez Academy of Arms, one of the last places in the world still teaching an authentic living tradition of classical fencing. He has served as the Academy’s chef de salle, and has authored articles for the Association of Historical Fencing, focusing on the fencing and dueling of the American colonial period.

He is the author of “Irish Swordsmanship: Fencing and Dueling in Eighteenth Century Ireland” (New York: Hudson Society Press, 2017), and the editor of “Self-Defense for Gentlemen and Ladies: A Nineteenth-Century Treatise on Boxing, Kicking, Grappling, and Fencing with the Cane and Quarterstaff” (Berkeley: North Atlantic Books, 2015) containing the writings of the noted duelist and fencing master, Colonel Thomas Hoyer Monstery. He wrote the foreword to the republication of Donald McBane’s classic martial arts treatise, “The Expert Sword-Man’s Companion: Or the True Art of Self-Defence” (New York: Jared Kirby Rare Books, 2017).

Miller’s articles about fencing and martial arts history can be found on the websites and In his capacity as a filmmaker he has worked for such notable personages as Martin Scorsese and Roger Corman, and was a recipient of NYU’s Martin Scorsese Post Production Award, as well as the Sloan Foundation Grant.

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