Bruno Cruicchi

Professor Cruicchi was born in Cairo, Egypt of Italian father and Armenian mother. He Grew up in the streets of Cairo where he learned how to use his head (no pun intended), as Headbutting is quite an art in the Middle East. He also witnessed Tahtib during several Egyptian Festivals. It was his Father, a veteran of WWII (African theater) who introduced him to some Unarmed Combat, and tired of his whining about the bullies at school, took him to a Judo school, where his lifelong love for the Martial arts started. He was 12 at the time. He stayed in Judo till age 17. He migrated to Venezuela with his family when he was 16.


After more than 40 years in the Martial Arts he still feels like a kid in a candy store. After Judo, he did some Kawaishi JuJitsu, Shotokan, TKD, acheived a Brown Belt in Hakko Ruy JuJitsu, TaiJitsu, and Shorinji Kempo, and a Black Belt in Hapkido and Kuk Sool Won. For seven years he ran the largest Martial arts school in Venezuela, having more than seven disciplines under one roof at a time when teachers where extremely conservative and wanted their students to stick to just one art. This made him a lot of friends but also …well.. some critics.


During those years he met Don Dreager who guided him in what was then an uncharted path in the Martial arts: Penchak Silat and Kali, which he still practices. During those years and through his travels around the world he had the chance to train with some amazing instructors in many different arts ranging from Chuka Shaolin, Chow Gar to Chen Taichi.


Ten years ago he discovered Garrote and has been a student of the art ever since. He will be happy to share what little he says he knows with all of you.


Bruno makes his living with Languages. He speaks 8 of them and has a smattering of a couple more. He has taught at Universities as well as privately and has done translation as well as simultaneous interpreting work.

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