Bryce Bermingham

Bryce started training in Martial Arts at ten years old and began competing shortly after that. After 10 years on the competitive circuit Bryce came to the conclusion that even when you win you still get kicked in the head – and joined the acting community. While acquiring a BFA and an MFA in Musical Theatre he started his study of stage combat with Fight Directors, Canada. Quickly becoming a workshop fiend, he was offered an opportunity to train and teach in the United Kingdom. Spending six months training with everyone he could find and teaching at all the Royal schools, he took the British Fight Exam and was the 1st to receive the Advanced with Distinction while achieving a still disputed 97% on the written (and I’ll tell anyone who is curious).


Bryce became a Fight Director with 1997 with Fight Director, Canada. Since that time Bryce has choreographed for stage and film in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Bryce was the resident Fight Director for the Ganaraska Theatre Festival where he earned acclaim from the notoriously stingy Toronto critics. He has performed in and choreographed the violence for 6 productions of “Beauty and the Beast” and has worked on productions for Musical Theatre, Plays, Opera, horror films, student films, Welsh films and yet strangely has never done a ballet. In 2001 Bryce was cast in the National Tour of “Cats” and spent a year double-cartwheeling his way into the hearts of North America – therefore missing his first Paddy Crean in years.


Most recently Bryce was the Fight Director for the Broadway bound production of “The Three Musketeers” with music by George Stiles. Flying to London to work with the production staff, he had the opportunity to help create some of the music for the combat scenes. Considering this a highlight of his career, Bryce plans to continue his work on this production here in Banff. His website can be seen here:

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