César Vigné

César René Vigné met capoeira during his studies in biology.  “Efica apaixonado por ela” (fall in love), going after her to Brazil, after multiple residences in Brazil, from Rio de Janeiro to Bahia, in an ongoing cultural exchange inside of the ABADÁ – CAPOEIRA (associação brasileira de apoio e desenvolvimento da arte Capoeira).  He establish proposed and supported by Mestre Camisa ABADÁ-CAPOEIRA Mexico.  Always interested in the development of this art sought help developing countries such as Chile, Colombia and USA .  Contributed to the development of Capoeira and Brazilian culture in North America and Latin America.  He has also been invited to events in Spain, France and USA and represented Mexico in Capoeira World cup in Brazil from 2001 to 2006.  He was the Pan American champion during 2006 games in Mexico city.  During his 18 years career, he has complemented his training with Brazilian Jujitsu, kickboxing, Filipino martial arts, HEMA (Rapier), Box, Lucha Libre Mexicana and Acrobatics.  In 2005 he entered into the film industry as a Stunt Performer participating in various projects, including the following films and commericals: Resident Evil 3: Extinction, Colombiana, Get The Gringo, Dragon ball: Evolution TV series: El Mariachi (Sony), Persons Unknown (FOX), Sr. Avila (HBO), Texas Rising (History Channel), AT&T, Coca-Cola Light, Playstation 4.  As a stunt performer he develops skills such as: Horse back riding (Sword / Archery / rifle) , saddle falls, fire burns, high falls, weapons, squibs, ratchets, swords (rapier, longsword, katana), rigging and diving.

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