Daniel Ford Beavis

Daniel Ford Beavis has been working in the film industry for nearly 20 years in Canada. He started off training to be a stunt performer at the International Stunt School in Seattle (later becoming a teacher there) before heading back to Canada to work in the film industry. Daniel have been specializing in the horror/suspense genre, coordinating the following films: the vampire movie “Rufus” (Kim Coates, Kelly Rowan), the zombie movie “13 Eerie” (Katharine Isabelle, Star Wars’ Roger Christian), the serial killer movie “Chained” (Vincent D’Onofrio, Jennifer Lynch), and the psychological thriller “Ferocious” (Amanda Crew, Kim Coates) as well as the werewolf webseries “My Lupine Life”. Daniel is also a Fight Director for the stage working on many theatrical productions from modern to Shakespeare with all sorts of weapons from unarmed to battle scenes. Daniel has travelled the world teaching various different stunt disciplines: Combat, Lighting People on Fire, High Falls, Driving, Breakaways, and more. Daniel recently returned from Atlanta where he was training with some of the stunt performers from the popular zombie shows, “The Walking Dead” and “Zombieland” (he is too Canadian to work on actual shows!). Daniel is pleased to be at CombatCon showcasing his skills and working with so many talented people.  IMDB

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